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Airport Operations

Recruiting services

Airport operations are essential for the aviation industry.  Certified professional for airport operations are available for the following positions:

  • Station Manager
  • Safety & Security Manager
  • Ramp Supervisor
  • Airport Duty Officer
  • Cargo Service Agent
  • Airside / Landside Operations
  • FBO Operations


Aircraft Maintenance Support

Global Recruiting, has extensive experience providing high value maintenance technician professionals to aviation customers worldwide. Our recruitment team effectively sources and mobilizes qualified maintenance technician professionals in the following disciplines:


  • Aircraft Type Specific Mechanics
  • Quality Inspectors / Supervisors
  • Platform Specific Engine Maintenance / Overhaul / Rebuild Specialists
  • Aircraft Structure / Sheetmetal / Composite Repair, Modification, and Fabrication
  • Avionics Modification / Installation / Maintenance Specialists
  • Aircraft Paint Technicians
  • Aircraft Interior Installers

Defense Support Services

Our staff has successfully sourced and placed highly qualified prior military candidates representing the full range of skill sets with aerospace companies worldwide.  Over 50% of our candidates began their career in the military and then transitioned to civilian employment.

Programs Supported:

  • UAE F-16 Program
  • Oman F-16 Program
  • F-15 Peace Sun Technical Support Program
  • AWACS Peace Sentinel Technical Support Program
  • RSAF F-15 Program Depot Maintenance (PDM) Program
  • RSAF B212 / 412 Helicopter Technical Support Program
  • RSLFAC UH-60 / AH-64 Mission Support Services Program
  • RSAF Tornado Program Depot Maintenance (PDM) Program
  • F100-PW-220 / 229 Engine Overhaul / Repair / Maintenance
  • RSAF F-15 Distributed Mission Training System (DMTS)

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