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Global Recruiting Network’s Key Personnel

With extensive experience in industries like aviation and aerospace, Global Recruiting Network’s management team provides leadership that handles staffing efforts efficiently. Our in-depth knowledge of the regulations, standards, technologies, and economics, that influence the aviation industry, enable us to provide you with talented professionals who integrate seamlessly into your organization. Global Recruiting Network has focused team members providing best customer service with high-volume engagements. Along with this, our company deals with all industries and provides staffing requirements from the Asian countries including:

  • Construction
  • Medical
  • Information Technology ( IT)
  • Manufacturing
  • Aviation
  • Other Industries

Principal Biographies


Abdul Hamid Abbasi

Founder of Global Recruitment Network

Abdul’s extensive knowledge and immense experience of 32 years in the field of human resources/recruitment makes him a perfect leader for a team of professional recruiters. Abdul holds an MBA in Human Resources from Washington International University, PA, USA. His quest for knowledge is a never ending process. With his Diploma in Human Resources Management from PIM, Lahore, Pakistan, Abdul has a broad knowledge of the process of recruitment as he has worked as a Certified Recruitment Analyst by Middle Earth (CAMI, USA), in Dubai. Also, the founder of Global Recruitment Network has extensive experience of working in a diverse workforce with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. During this period hired thousands of Americans, Britons, South Africans, Australians, Canadians, Pakistanis, Filipinos, Indians, Indonesians, Sri Lankans, Bangladeshi, Nepalese and Indonesians.


  • Effective management of the projects
  • In-time co-ordination with the line managers for selection, interview, approval, and job offer.
  • Co-ordination with the human resource departments of respective companies
  • From police report clearance to medical and educational/training certificates attestation to visa processing and visa endorsement, the founder of Global Recruitment Network has got it all covered.

Experience and Services:

Extensive experience in the field of Human Resources include:

  • Effective Presentations, Rice University Executive Education, Houston, Texas, USA
  • Effective Business Writing, Rice University Executive Education, Houston, Texas, USA
  • Fair, Square, and Legal (Safe Hiring), Troy State University, Dothan, Alabama, USA
  • Annual Human Resources Management Forum, Troy State University, Dothan, Alabama, USA

Other services by the founder include:

  • Visa arrangement for a new hire.
  • Reports for management for different purposes
  • Salary quotation for new projects

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