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Guidelines for CV and Cover Letter

Dear Candidate:

Thank you for showing your interest and approaching us. The CV and cover letter are very crucial for any sort of application. They represent you professionally and personally. And, for this, they should speak on your behalf. There should be no rambling and be able to deliver your history chronologically in short points. No HR/Recruiter has enough time to read your lengthy CVs and cover letters. You need to be precise in your idea. So, here we are going to show you the guidelines for making your CV and cover letters more effective.
We have collected a list of guidelines for an ideal CV and cover letter. Read them on as we hope this will help. In any case of confusion, feel free to contact us.

1. The Cover Letter:

 Use Times New Roman font of Size 12. It looks more professional.
 Mention the name, post, company to whom you are concerning along with the date of application.
 Introduce Yourself:
Start with introducing yourself by telling your name, education in chronological order.
 Write about your professional experiences in the relevant field. This should be especially related to the post you are applying for. So that, a recruiter will get an idea of your past experience.
 Highlight a little about what tasks you did in your previous jobs.
 If you have any kind of supporting certificates, mention them as well.
 Write about how you will be suitable for this job.
 In case of selection, tell them how and when you will be available for joining.
 Sign off by stating that you will be looking forward to their response. Provide with your email and phone number to let them contact you.
 For passport holding, if it applies, tell your status whether you have it or not. (There is no confirmation about the job in this regards. However, this status tells that you don’t have any legal issue with the government).
 Marital status:
Single: Comes in your personal information.
Married: Most of the contracts in the Middle East for Asians prefer single candidates. If the policy of the company allows you to bring your family, there is no issue. Otherwise, you will have to join with single status.
 A subject in Email: Send your mail by attaching the document and mentioning the job post and your full name as per documents. Cover letter and CV must be in word documents.
 Documents by Email: Scan your documents and send them in one folder if possible. Otherwise, number them in a manner like this:

1. Master Degree
2. Quality Assurance Certificate
3. Professional experience Certificates (ascending wise according to time)
4. Our first preference is to obtain your experience certificate. If you don’t have it, state the reason for that.

2. The Resume

 Make your CV on the American standard. It is easier to read and understand.
 Start your CV by writing contact details. This should include your name, phone number, Email address, Linked profile (if available) and any other source of professional contact.
 Summary/Career objective: In this, you need to write what you seek for in a job and how you relate this to your previous experiences.
 Write your professional experiences then. Write them in chronological order. If you have not been employed, write “looking for a job”.
 Write about your education in chronological order.
 In the end, write about Training certificates, Holding a passport or not.
Some examples for the employment history:
Name of post
Name of company, city
Tenure/ Duration of job


 Present job, use present tense
 Past job/history, use past tense

After completion of CV, re-read several time, see all the employment date are correct and the information provided in the CV is clear. Add professional experiences and qualification, what you can support with an evidence. Upon joining, employer goes through each detail for what
you claim in CV.

Documents Presentation:

 Make CV and cover letter in MS word. There is no need to make them in PDF format.
 Scan your documents and they should be clear. Keep them in one folder or separate as mentioned earlier.
 As soon as the package is complete, send by email as soon as possible.

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