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Aircraft Electrician

The principle role of an electrician working in the aviation industry is to inspect, maintain and repair any electrical problems that arise with a fleet of aircraft. Each component in an aircraft, such as landing gear, ignition systems, and lighting, are run by electrical systems. This makes the job of an aircraft electrician varied and sometimes complex. They will be trained to install and maintain these systems unique to the industry.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  1. Assembles components, such as switches, electrical controls, and junction boxes, using hand tools and soldering iron.
  2. Connects components to assemblies, such as radio systems, instruments, magnetos, inverters, and in-flight refueling systems, using hand tools and soldering iron.
  3. Tests components or assemblies, using circuit tester, oscilloscope, and voltmeter.
  4. Adjusts, repairs, or replaces malfunctioning components or assemblies, using hand tools and soldering iron.
  5. Lays out installation of assemblies and systems in aircraft, according to blueprints and wiring diagrams, using scribe, scale, and protractor.
  6. Installs electrical and electronic components, assemblies, and systems in aircraft, using hand tools, power tools, and soldering iron.
  7. Sets up and operates ground support and test equipment to perform functional flight test of electrical and electronic systems.
  • Diploma in Electrical from recognized Training Institute
  • Experience not less than 10 year on C-130 Aircraft
  • Maximum age limit: 55 year

Salary Benefit Package for the jobs:

  •  Base salary, this will be based on applicant’s number of year experience, to be decided after conducting an interview
  • Annual vacation 30 days + 11 public holiday
  • Working day 5 per day, if need to work additional hours shall be compensated.
  • Working hours 8:30 as per Saudi labor
  • Job location: Riyadh Region, Saudi Arabia
  • Yearly leave: 30 day
  • Ramadan/Haj & National Day: 11 Yes
  • Ticket o Ticket Allowance 1 annual
  • Housing or housing allowance company provided
  • Transportation from living place to work place and back company provided
  • Medical company provided
  • Mobilization cost: Medical in country for visa, visa processing, eticket from home country to KSA or any cost associated with the mobilization process, the company will pay.
  • Contract status: Single

American/British/South African OR Western Applicants:  Housing will be provided in secured compound, fully furnished, all utilities bills paid by the company except mobile.

Question & Answer to Add in your cover letter or in CV

1.      Did you work on C-130 Aircraft & worked as an Aircraft Electrician?

2.      Do you have ten year working experience on C-130 aircraft?

3.      Do you have diploma or relevant certificate as Aircraft Electrician?

4.      Do you hold valid passport, if not upon selection, how soon you can get?

5.      How soon are you able to join upon selection?

6.      If you worked in Government sector such as your Airforce, do you have No Objection Certificate?  If not, you need to get and add in your CV or later when employer ask for more information, you need to add a copy of NOC.

7.      How much total working experience as an Aircraft Electrician on C-130?


Documents Requirements:

  1. Current updated cv in word documents with all the contact details to be sent by email and same to be uploaded in our website OR when you are uploading cv due to net or any other issue, then send your cv through email provided below.



  1. You need to add in cover letter stating that when selected how soon are you able to join.
  2. You need to state, you hold valid passport, if not, upon selection how soon you can get.
  3. Supporting documents, copies of degree, diploma and relevant training certificate + copies of employment records/experience certificates or a copy of appointment letter or appreciation letter will help as an evidence applicant worked for the organization.

Documents Presentation when asked:  Please keep all your degree/diploma and relevant supporting documents ready we will ask you to provide when you are selected or when employer ask.






  • This job has expired!
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