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GRN-0063 – Pilots Instructor

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Job Overview


  1. B.Sc. or ten (10) years of Air Force Experience.


  • High qualifications, practical experience as night vision pilots instructor.
  • Highly qualified safe flight pilots’ instructors regardless of weather conditions, day and night.
  • Hold qualifications as Bell 412 pilots’ instructor.
  • Hold high qualifications as Bell 412 night vision pilots’ instructor.
  • Auto pilot certificate.
  • Hold a military equivalent or FAA certificate as a night vision pilot and pilots’ instructor.
  • Holds FAA medical license.
  • Leadership experience in the area of search and rescue.
  • Works as a Bell 412 Pilots Instructor at Air Force HQ.

Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Works as flight simulation instructor as per the requirements of Air Force.
  • Develop quality of search and rescue exercises (day and night).
  • Automate tasks and night vision to enable Bell 412 pilots’ effectively complete night missions at all weather conditions, day and night.

Our Working Process – Guidelines for Applicants

We provide all the guidelines & consultation free of cost to the applicants.  However, when it comes mobilization, it varies from country to country.  We forward your cv for employer’s review and selection. Upon approval we coordinate in between applicant and employers, provides the job offer and related information.  when this process is done then forward to the employers and proceed for mobilization process.

Applicant, when approved for hiring, need to do the following:

  • Passport, preferably must be valid more than one year
  • Police report ensure there is no issue in the Ministry of Interior/Police Departments.
  • All degree and related training certificates must be attested and genuine for further verification in the concerned embassies.
  • Medical: Ensue you do not have a kind of illness which prohibits working abroad or in the group.
  • Visa Processing: You need to provide what is needed by the concerned embassy and the employers, follow their instructions.
  • Mobilization Process:  When visa is endorsed, we will coordinate with you and employers, we will provide you confirmed e/ticket and the Guidelines. Mostly all the guidelines are provided in the letter and contact details.
  • Peoples lie American/European, where visa is not needed, applicant need to follow the rest of formalities demanded by the employer such as police report or any documents requirements.

Considering current Covid-19 situation and our experience regarding recruitment in Middle East, we added such jobs in our website to facilitate applicant to visit our website and upload cv. As soon as virus issue is over, ban is lifted for visiting other countries, work visas are issued by the concerned countries, then we will contact applicant who uploaded his cv in our website, to see his/her availabilities, qualifies for the job and willing to relocate.



Abdul Hamid Abbasi

Consultant/Advisor (GRN)

Mob: +92 335 150 1175



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