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Job title:   System Engineer (Electrical, Mechanical, Electromechanical, Engine, Aeronautical/Systems Engineering).

Department:  DIR. AERO. ENG (DAE)/AERO. ENG. SQN (AES)

Location     :   HQ RSAF, Riyadh/KAhAB, Jeddah/KAAB, Dhahran

    • Responsible to the Director of Aeronautical Engineering to provide day to day advice to RSAF Officers on matters pertaining to systems engineering for all RSAF aircraft and support equipment.
    • Provides a primary point of contact for all RSAF systems engineering (mechanical, electrical, and/or engine)
    • Enhance RSAF engineering authority capability with regards to aircraft systems


  • Engineering Degree BEng (Hons) in Electrical, Mechanical, Electromechanical, Engine, Aeronautical / Systems Engineering.
  • Master’s Degree or higher and Chartered Engineer status is
  • A minimum of 10 years of experience in the field of systems engineering, including design, development, integration and test of civil and/or military aircraft and



  • Experience in senior engineering management with a thorough knowledge of engineering authority processes, specifically the types of fighter, transport, rotatory, and/or unmanned aircraft
  • A working knowledge of international regulation and policy for military and civil aviation as well as International Trade in Arms Regulations (ITAR).
  • Must be able to develop and integrate concepts that involve requirements, design, prototyping, production, testing, training and logistics support in all phases of the weapon system life cycle, including all aspects of technical program that involve trade-off of performance, life-cycle cost, risk, producibility, supportability, testability and other engineering requirements in aircraft mechanical, electrical and engine
  • Must be able to perform reviews of requirements and translates them into technical specifications of equipment, software, facilities, data and personnel; provide technical direction and guidance to lower level technical personnel as Experience will include technical involvement as applicable in one or more of the following: Research, design, development, production, testing, and performance of theoretical studies, analysis of system design, and recommendations to expand performance and enhance design of applicable system.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills in the English
  • Strong leadership qualities with proven interpersonal and team working
  • Computer literate and an experienced user of the Microsoft Office suite of programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project).


  • Knowledge of aviation quality systems, airworthiness, airframe engineering, aircraft control systems, aircraft avionic systems, design engineering, manufacturing, project/programme management, systems engineering, test engineering and aircraft systems
  • A good all round awareness of RSAF processes and
  • A good all round awareness of RSAF programmes, Suppliers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) Government to Government Standard Agencies, International Standards Agencies and academic/research


  • Performs technical planning, system integration, verification and validation, cost and risk, and supportability and effectiveness analyses for total Analyses are performed at all levels of total systems to include: concept, design, fabrication, test, installation, operation, maintenance and disposal.
  • Ensures the logical and systematic conversion of customer or product requirements into total systems solutions that acknowledge technical, schedule, and cost constraints. Performs functional analysis, timeline analysis, detail trade studies, requirements allocation and interface definition studies to translate customer requirements into hardware and software
  • Review and recommend RSAF authorizations of systems engineering modifications. Progress approval of improvement initiatives through external design organisations and technical authorities.
  • Evaluate and perform cost benefit analysis of improvement
  • Investigate aircraft systems related problems affecting fleet performance and devise innovative Monitor test programs and evaluate test data to identify problems and/or to verify performance.
  • Participate in accident Evaluate and provide recommendations on major defect and aircraft incident reports.
  • Perform studies and participate in research, development and implementation of programmes to improve safety, reliability and
  • Develop system testing procedures and documentation to verify performance to specification Participate in the acceptance test of aircraft and equipment.
  • Prepare staff correspondence to organisations internal and external to the
  • Support RSAF officers at meetings and participate in design and programme management


  • Work emanates from the Director of Aeronautical Engineering, through the designated Team Manager. As an advisor to the RSAF, the Director and the Team Manager approve tasks and continually monitor performance on a daily


  • The jobholder provides independent advice directly to the RSAF without any consultation with his/her Line The jobholder is in constant daily contact with the RSAF at a senior level within HQ RSAF and at all the RSAF bases providing them with a recognisable point of contact for all RSAF systems engineering issues.


  • The jobholder is required to project manage engineering modification projects. Consequently, a large proportion of time will be spent proactively planning and organising resources within the RSAF to ensure tasks are completed to meet project timescales, which often are dependencies for other
  • The jobholder must plan for the involvement of other agencies from within the RSAF and its’ associated Responsive to RSAF inputs and requirements, both immediate and long term is essential with the RSAF demanding the highest quality in all cases. The jobholder must rationalise all inputs and coordinate outputs to achieve maximum co-operation and support.


  • As an independent advisor to the RSAF the jobholder occupies a digital post, but will directly lead teams of engineers and


  • The jobholder will be required to produce engineering drawings, engineering reports, test plans and Time Compliance Technical Orders in detail from data which he will be responsible for defining and Verbal briefings and presentations on the above will be given to the Director and Team Manager on a daily basis.


  • The jobholder and directed by the RSAF on a variable number of There are no specific statistics related to this job.


  • The jobholder must comply with all RSAF safety directives and


  • A great deal of the success he achieves will be dictated by the relationships he establishes with customers and his ability to use his own initiative, engineering and management skills to satisfy RSAF Diplomacy, tact, flexibility and adaptability are required along with a flair for rapid and accurate appraisal of problems. The jobholder must always remain aware of the varied cultural and political nuances when dealing with customers from many nations.
  • The jobholder is required to create original designs for engineering solutions that demand imaginative innovation and extensive
  • The jobholder is required to be flexible to deal with a wide range of problems with rapidly changing priorities emanating from a number of different The jobholder is required to act under his/her own initiative, developing a sound understanding of RSAF requirements, which are often not fully defined. The jobholder must have excellent organisational qualities to meet these challenges.


  • Although not a budget holder, by providing advice on procurement and policy at a senior level the individual is responsible for ensuring the RSAF receives the most cost effective support and ‘value for money’.
  • The jobholder must be fully aware of the different Government to Government (Foreign Military Sales) and Direct Funding mechanisms for RSAF.


Guidelines for Applicants:

1.      Read the job requirements very carefully, where doubt ask the question sending an email.

2.      Questions asked here you need to review them and answer.  Add these in your CV first page or add an addition cover letter.

3.      Any information OR experience you claim in your CV ensure you have original supporting documents.

4.      Applicants providing bogus degree/diploma or any employment record will be held responsible, and if mobilized all cost of mobilization and demobilization will be bear by applicant.

5.      Attested degree is a requirement from the employer from the Saudi Embassy, so when you apply for subject job, if you do not have attested degree, you need to proceed for getting attested.  In present time, most of countries, companies need to check/verify attested degree and relevant training certificate.  So you ensure your package is ready.

6.      When you are applying for the subject job, you need to keep the following documents ready for presentation to the employer:

·         Degree,

·         Relevant training certificates,

·         Experience certificates OR proof of employment

·         No Objection Certificate (for government employee & defense forces personnel)

·         Passport – Valid for more than a year

·         For selection preference will go who qualifies his test/interview and holds all the documents with attestation.

Maximum age limit: 55

Question to reply & add them in CV or separate cover letter

1.      Do you hold degree related to this job, list the name of degree title, university name and year of completion?

2.      Did you work in the aviation/aerospace industries, if yes, name the industries?

3.      Do you have ten (10) year work experience related to this job?

4.      Do you hold valid passport, if not how soon are you able to get?

5.      How soon you are able join upon approval for mobilization?

6.      Are you Defense Force employee OR Government employee, if yes, do you have NOC for joining overseas employment OR if not, how soon are you able to get it?

7.      Is your degree is attested from the Higher Education or concerned authority, Ministry of Foreign Office and the Saudi Embassy or Embassy of any Middle East countries, if not you need to proceed right now?


  • This job has expired!
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