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GRN-0253 – JD – Fuel Systems Technician

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Job Overview

Job information

Job Location: King Abdullah Air Base / Logistic Wing / Maintenance Squadron of C-130 aircraft
Nationality: Third World Countries (TCN)
Number of Positions Required: 01


Qualifications Required: General Maintenance Diploma
Specialized: Fuel Technician
Specialty Code: 24275

Experiences and Courses

1. A valid license (A&P), from an institute recognized by the International Aviation Organization in the field of transport aircraft maintenance.
2. Five years of practical experience in the field of maintenance of C-130 aircraft.
3. Qualified to apply Air Force manuals, technical books (TOs), technical bulletins, and manufacturer’s instructions.
4. Qualified to carry out the work described in the job description in the field of specialization as stated in the air force manual No 105-30B.
5. Qualification for scheduling and programming preventive and periodic maintenance work and follow up.
6. Qualified to follow up the completion of work related to maintenance groups and equip aircraft according to the tasks scheduled for their implementation.
7. Qualified to implement and apply the safety qualifications of industrial facilities, aviation yards, hangars, and ground protective safety.
8. Proficiency in the English language spoken and written.
9. To be medically fit.
10. Practical experience in the field of maintaining aviation fuel systems, including the last three years on the C130 aircraft.

Tasks and Duties

1. Able to maintain fuel systems, including disassembly and installation.
2. Capable of repairing, adjusting and calibrating aircraft control devices and systems.
3. Capable of accurately detecting fuel systems failures on the aircraft C130 using the available tools.
4. Operating the aircraft engines of the C130 to investigate faults and test the efficiency of the performance of aircraft systems and adjust them according to the performance calibration specified in the technical books.
5. Analyzing fault indications, determining the causes of recurrence of them, correcting and treating them, and following them up with officials until the causes are eliminated
6. Executing all types of scheduled maintenance carried on C-130 aircraft
7. Determine the materials and spare parts needed to conduct the periodic maintenance work for each aircraft and scheduling the receipt of these materials a week before it is subject to the maintenance.
8. Training Saudi Technicians in his seventh technical specialization, so that the trainee after being qualified, will be able to carry out the work described in the job description of this form.
9. Qualified to train Saudi technicians using the air force manual 105-8 in his field of specialization, with a focus on the work described in the air force manual 105-30B.

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