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Guidelines: Upload CV/Resume for Jobs on the Website

  1. Click the link for upload CV/Resume:
  2. When you First time Login, Go to the Register
  3. Press Register, another windows open, fill the all required detail:


  • Display name:__________________
  • Username: ____________________
  • Email: _______________________
  • Password: ____________________
  • Repeat password: ______________
  • Dropdown, select the option you are looking for a job.

Enter the text you see above: ______________


  • Then select the small box [    ] I agree with the Terms of use, press return
  • You will go to the website panel, then select/press: Post your Resume


  1. Select Browse and upload CV only in WORD DOCUMENTS 
  2. Professional Summary:

Here you need to write all the details about yourself what you have done OR what you are doing in the present job.  Your achievements etc.

  1. Fill the places given at the left side, resume title, contact details etc.
  2. If applicant has time, then fill the form online to make CV/Resume, if not, written CV in WORD DOCUMENTS is acceptable on global recruitment network.
  3. Preview all the information, if all ok no revision or changes need, then

[  ] Select this box: The employer can find your resume and contact you via email or regarding your resume. Preview all information thoroughly before submitting your resume for approval.

The CV is posted.

Forgot Password:

The best way to avoid loss and recreating username and password, when you register and create user name and the password, write down in your note book and reuse.  In case you forgot your old password, go to the Login option you will find below the “Forgot Password” option.

Press this option, then it will take you to the next window where it ask you: Lost your password?  Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

Username or email address: _________________

Reset Password



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