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Guidelines for Applicants

Job Codes:

  1. W or US any job code starts with W, or US, as per contractual requirements with the client is only for American OR Western nationals.  Asian or other national will not apply and their application will not be entertained or processed.
  1. G or T any job code starts with G or T is only for Asian nationals and in some area we may mark the job this is only for Pakistani, then other will not apply.

Age Limit:

As per employer’s instructions: 55

Gape in the Employment:

Anyone who apply for a job and is job less more than three year, employer may not accept, possible to acceptable gap is around 2 year.


If any kind of illness which causes issue at workplace, applicants are requested not to apply. 

Degree Requirements from Employer or Clients:

For engineering jobs where degree is mandatory, diploma holder will not submit CV for consideration.  Where employer accepts diploma instead of degree we will add the note after job descriptions in the website.


  • CV preparation, use Time Romans or Arial, not to use graphic or big font.
  • When you qualify for a job, select the job code and upload your CV in Microsoft word format. All those candidates qualifying for more than one job will be notified by the GRN team about a suitable job. With this, the job code will be automatically updated in the system. 
  • All those applicants who are unable to find suitable job from the list of available options, job code is not mandatory. Such candidates are requested to upload their CV without job code. However, it is strongly recommended to the employees to use specific keywords in their CV. 
  • At the initial stage, complete documents are not required from the candidate. Once the employer requests the complete package of a suitable candidate, the GRN team requests the candidate to submit their complete documents within a given time period. For a complete list of documents, see section full documents for employers review. 
  • For the suitable candidates, a telephonic interview is conducted which requires complete contact details, emails along with alternate contact numbers to avoid unnecessary delay. 

Full Documents for Employer Review/Consideration for Approval:

  1. Updated professional CV in word format (.doc)
  2. Copy of degree/diploma from recognized Institute/University
  3. Copy of relevant training certificate relevant with suitable job
  4. Copies of employment records or experience certificate or appointment letter 

Note: This section of documents should cover the claims made by the candidate related to his work experience. The gap between the employment should be clearly stated. The candidate will be solely responsible for all fraud cases. GRN team will provide no support to such cases. 

  1. Copy of valid passport. 

Important Notes:

  • Candidates belonging to defense forces, please make sure that there is NO objection certificate regarding your overseas job. You need to apply when you are approved for process.
  • All candidates are advised to get their degree or diploma attested by their institutions or Higher education and ministry of foreign affairs if applicable Other than this, degrees need attestation/verification from the Saudi Embassy, this is required by the employer.
  • Police Report is required in the embassy and by employer to make sure selected applicant has no criminal records.  When applicant is approved for hire, signs the form job offer, needs to proceed for obtaining. Copy of the same need to add in the documents check for employer, also need to hand carry original first time joining.
  • Original Degree/Diploma & all relevant documents: The documents you claim in your cv, you need to hand carry original and present them to the HR Department for verification.  However, it is recommended, you present them for checking and ensure you get them back. 

Mobilization Process:

Once the selection and approval by the employer is done, the candidate signs a formal job offer. The next step is concerned with visa and medial process. GRN team will make sure to assist the candidate in the entire process until the candidate joins his/her duties in overseas. 

All the candidates are required to carry all their original documents with them after the initial stage of approval. Candidates are requested to make sure they carry all the documents else the employer will not be able to let you join your duties in overseas. 

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