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Sales and Marketing

At Global Recruitment we know that a company needs to have a strong and successful sales team in order to thrive. Not only is it important to find people with an excellent track record but also those who fit into that company’s culture. We work with our corporate clients to understand their requirements and select sales people who can truly succeed within their organization as well match their expectations.

Construction and Architecture

As the world progresses the demand for construction and architecture job has increased too. There is a wide range of skills that are necessary to sustain this industry and we make sure to collect résumés for all of them. Our clients interview the best in the business for the position open at their company and we help them look for the exact traits that they desire in their employees to beat the competition.

Engineering and Technical Industries

We have been recruiting worldwide for more than 32 years with great success gaining a reputation for offering top candidates. As a result, we are able to assist you in your search for the perfect engineer or technician for that job. Over the years, we have forged close relationships with a number of engineering and technical firms allowing us to maintain our reputation for identifying ideal applicants.

Information Technology

Our goal is to provide access to IT professionals with updated knowledge and sufficient experience in the field. The candidates that we have on record include those who possess qualifications in SAP, web based applications (internet/intranet / e-commerce), client-server applications, networking & systems administration, data warehousing, computer hardware specialization and more.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

We are passionate about contributing to the health and life sciences sector through the recruitment of highly experienced professionals who have impressive reputations in their respective fields. If you fit the job description, send in your application to take the next step in your career. Our clients trust us to provide the most dependable scientists, doctors, laboratory technicians, nurses and medical staff.

Human Resources

Owing to our wide experience in public dealing, our trained staff is particularly adept at sorting out applications in the human resources department. We have a list of basic qualifications as well as specific demands from the client that act as a guide for short listing suitable candidates. Whether you are looking for a fresh graduate for your company or require an expert in this field, we are capable of meeting your needs.

Aviation Industry

There is a rising demand for well trained aviation professionals from pilots to flight crew in developed nations of the world. Therefore, we have gathered our resources to meet the requirements of the aviation industry and remain committed to offering talented professionals with notable experience in this field. Submit your application today to get recruited in reputable companies within this industry.

Mining Industry

This is your chance to move forward and build a successful career in the mining industry at coveted positions in the leading companies of the world. If your priority is to find a qualified and competent professional for jobs related to mining then we are more than capable of fulfilling your precise requirements. We have a detailed screening process through interviews that allows you to meet the right candidate.

Covering the Globe

Global Recruitment Network USEA has signed recruitment agreements with staffing offices in other countries such as the United States of American, South Africa and some Asian countries to meet the urgent requirements of employers. Our global network enables us to support all job categories and industries.

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