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Global Recruitment Nework

Global Recruitment Network is staffing firm operating in different industries including aviation, aerospace and IT industry guarantying top-notch qualified and experienced candidates having an extensive knowledge of the field. With our aviation-experienced professionals and decades of services in Middle-East,Global Recruitment staffing firm is operating through professional networking.

Sales and Marketing

At Global Recruitment Network, we understand that for a company to thrive they need to have a strong and successful sales team. This means not only finding people with a proven track record but finding people that will fit into a company’s culture.


Carving out a high-flying career in finance hinges on more than grades. We are Finding and recruiting talent in Finance Market. Candidates must demonstrate everything from razor-sharp analytical ability and stellar interpersonal skills, to a sharp understanding of industry software.

Architecture Engineering

As the world has grown so has the demand of  Architecture Jobs. Our history around the globe has shown that we are able to build on our reputation  bring you the best jobs in this sector.

Health care

A strong network of Medical and Healthcare professionals & clients across all sectors in the Middle East, Globalrusea can help you secure your new role or support you with finding the next addition to your team.

Human Resource

With a strong network of HR professionals and clients across all sectors as well expertise in the regional HR market, we can help you secure your new HR role or support you with finding the next addition to your team. you’ve got to know your stuff. Join us now for best Human Resource jobs.

Information Technology

Providing IT Professionals of SAP, Web based Applications (internet/intranet / e-commerce), Client-server Applications, Networking & Systems Administration, Data warehousing, Computer hardware specialists etc


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Abdul Hamid Abbasi


Abdul’s extensive knowledge and immense experience of 32 years in the field of human resources/recruitment makes him a perfect leader for a team of professional recruiters. Abdul holds an MBA in Human Resources from Washington International University, PA, USA. His quest for knowledge is a never ending process. With his Diploma in Human Resources Management from PIM, Lahore, Pakistan, Abdul has a broad knowledge of the process of recruitment as he has worked as a Certified Recruitment Analyst by Middle Earth (CAMI, USA), in Dubai. Also, the founder of Global Recruitment Network has extensive experience of working in a diverse workforce with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

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