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Inspection Technician


He should be familiar with and knowledgeable about the content of the Supply Manual 67-1. The required candidate should hold a Supply Chain Management certificate. He should have experience in conducting inspection programs related to military equipment and possess a valid driving license. It’s preferable for him to have a bachelor’s degree in Inspection specialization.

Experiences and Courses

1. He should have a minimum of 10 years of experience in Supply Chain Management specialization.
2. He should have practiced the same specialization in the last three (3) years.
3. He should be familiar with the principles of controlling the required quantity and the status of stored items, whether manufactured or repaired, specifically for the air forces.”
4. He should have a proficiency level in the English language of 85% at a minimum (reading, writing, and grammar).
5. He must be proficient in using Microsoft programs.
6. He should have completed advanced courses in the same specialization.
7. He should be familiar with quality control procedures, possess the capability to accept or reject received materials.

Tasks and Duties

1. He holds responsibility towards the Supply Squadron Commander at King Khalid Air Base for performing all tasks and duties related to inspecting spare parts of Cougar and Super Puma aircraft.
2. Conduct inspections of materials present in the base supply, central supply, or other air force bases.

3. Carry out inspection tasks, including using the inspector’s stamp for internal documents and Air Force memos.
4. He must memorize and maintain inspection control lists and adhere to technical references specific to material classification.
5. Establish control over practical inspection and calibrate and measure the testing of labeled equipment and the shelf life of stored materials.
6. Execute procedures for damaged or unusable materials.
7. Make changes in the account if there are discrepancies in storage status or identity.
8. Use the inspection list to perform inspection tasks.
9. Supervise and directly manage the on-the-job training program.
10. Train staff on the use of the supply manual and air force guides.
11. Training on all tasks
12. Use the (GOLD) program.

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