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Maintenance Consultant


1. Certification in the specialized field of vertical lift aircraft: The candidate should be certified specifically for the Cougar and Super Puma aircraft.
2. Comprehensive Knowledge: A deep understanding of the systems of vertical lift aircraft, along with the methods and procedures for maintenance.
3. Business Management Skills: Qualified in managing technical operations, demonstrating leadership and administrative abilities.
4. Operational Planning: The ability to create necessary plans to meet supply, training, and operational requirements.
5. Educational Background: A graduate from a military or a civilian institute of equivalent standing.
6. Minimum Educational Level: Must have achieved at least a twelfth-grade level of education or higher.
7. English Proficiency: A minimum proficiency in English of 85%, covering reading, writing, expression, and grammar.

Experiences and Courses

1. The candidate should have no less than 10 years of experience in managing the maintenance of vertical lift aircraft, specifically the Cougar and Super Puma types.
2. The last 5 years of their experience should specifically be in the field of managing the maintenance operations for vertical lift aircraft, notably the Cougar and Super Puma types.
3. Overseeing and guiding the maintenance as stipulated in the contract.
4. Supplying the Maintenance Squadron Commander with the necessary reports and documentation
5. Ensuring that the contract requirements align with what has been planned and are conducted in accordance with the proper procedures, following the regulations of the Saudi Air Force.

Tasks and Duties

1. Ensuring that the followed instructions align with the regulations of the Saudi Air Force
2. Interpreting and translating the structures, policies, and procedures related to maintenance in accordance with technical manuals.
3. resolving maintenance issues by studying diagrams and future plans.
4. Monitoring malfunctions and the extent to which technical manuals are used for their repair.
5. Provide advice when there is a need to disassemble, repair, or replace aircraft parts, or to salvage from one aircraft to another.
6. Monitoring recurrent malfunctions and providing timely technical advice.
7. Advise all departments to use specialized papers and templates.
8. Overseeing the development of test questions and conducting tests for contractors and technicians
9. evaluating the performance of assigned maintenance personnel, both contractors and technicians
10. Monitoring and overseeing on-the-job training programs.
11. Following up on aircraft system updates and ensuring the completion of necessary modifications.
12. Provide consultations to the Squadron Commander and suggest appropriate solutions.
13. supply the Maintenance Squadron Commander with the necessary reports and documentation.

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