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Simulated Aviation Equipment Maintenance Technician – W-001


Required Qualification: Required Specialization: Simulation Flight

Experiences and Courses

  1. To have experience not less than (6) years in aircraft maintenance.
  2. He must have experience and work on the aircraft in the last three (3) years.
  3. The Ability to inspect, supervise and repair faults.
  4. Be familiar with the charts and graphs.
  5. The ability to fix malfunctions of simulation flight devices.

Tasks and Duties

  1. The ability to inspect and check all flight simulation devices on aircraft.
  2.  Analyze of faults and malfunctions scheduled by trainers, such as hydraulic devices, mechanical and electrical devices.
  3.  Solve all faults and malfunctions by studying the charts, graphs and technical diagrams.
  4. The ability to inspect devices, know the malfunctions by sense, analyze them and write reports.
  5. The ability to determine the feasibility of repairing parts rather than replacing them.
  6. The ability to determine and define the faults by service manuals.
  7. The ability to replace parts, weight and calibration of simulator flight devices.
  8. Determining the reasons that leading to the malfunction of the simulator flight devices.
  9. Evaluates the performance of flight simulation personnel.
  10. Manages and monitors training programs.
  11. Training the simulation flight personnel on technical manuals.
  12.  Trains simulation flight personnel in all stages

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