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Location: KAAB

Nationality Requirement: US

No: Two (2)

Qualification: USAF 7 Level Weapons Technician or equivalent

USAF/RSAF Equivalent Air Force Special Code: 26270

Skills and Experience

Experience: 5 years

Skill Level experience: 3 years

  1. Maintain and repair bomb racks, launchers, Pylons, adapters, and other equipment weapons release assets.
  2. Maintain and repair Gun System Components; F-15 C/D/S
  3. Proficient in troubleshooting armament systems malfunctions and effecting repair.
  4. Remove, install and functional check Armament System Components.

Task and Responsibility

Inspects, maintains, installs, modifies, and repairs munitions launch, release, suspension, and gun systems, and supervises aircraft armament systems activities.

  1. Perform scheduled inspection on armament release and gun equipment.
  2. Troubleshoot and repair armament equipment electrical wiring and mechanical systems.
  3. Remove and install armament equipment on the F-15 aircraft.
  4. Perform aircraft functional checks.
  5. Input the maintenance data collection system.
  6. Use, repair & maintain Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE).
  7. Train RSAF personnel to the 5 and 7 skill level.
  8. Maintain technical orders, publications, and RSAF training records.


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