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Nationality Requirement: US

No: Five (5)

System: F15SA

Qualification: High School diploma +. USAF F15 Metals Technology course graduate

USAF/RSAF Equivalent Air Force Specialty Code:

Skills and Experience

Experience: 5+ years

Skills Level Experience: 3+ years

Knowledge of concepts and application of RSAFM 66 series and supporting publications.

Knowledge of ferrous and nonferrous metal characteristics.

Craftsman skills with various metal cutting machines, hand tools and precision measuring instruments

Knowledge of mechanical forces, stresses and strains as applied to tool and die design, metal repair and fabrication processes to include forging and welding, metal testing Inspection and heat treatment, electroplating processes, applied physical and chemical metallurgy.

Use of welding and metals inspection testing, heat-treating and electroplating equipment and tools and procedures for safe handling and storage of cyanide solutions, acids and explosive gases Is mandatory.

Task and Responsibility

Tests and examines metal fabrications and repairs, performs welding, heat treating, and metal surfacing tasks, maintains testing heat treating, welding and metal surfacing equipment, designs and machines, precision tools, parts and assemblies, inspects machine work, and supervises aircraft metals technology processing and shop activities.

Examines and tests the condition of metal parts and components and gives advice on metals processing, design and production.

Designs, manufacturers and modifies special precision tool, gages, dies and jigs to facilitate special and routine metal working operations.

Performs machine shop calculations.

Determines metal Identity and characteristics.

Tests specimens for predetermined requirements of tensile, bend, shear and impact strength.

Compares findings with material and strength requirements contained in blueprints, specifications, and technical publications.

Determines repair ability of damaged machined parts.

Determines necessity for heat treating parts, tooling and repair or the replacement of gages, jigs, and dies.

Trains RSAF to the 5 and 7 skill level.


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