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Nationality Requirement: US

No: Four (4)

System: F15SA

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree or Seven (7) level.

USAF/RSAF Equivalent Air Force Specialty Code: 245X1

Skills and Experience

Experience: 5+ years

Skills Level Experience: 3+ years

Knowledge of supply procedures, methods and techniques of aircrew life support equipment, specifically egress and ejection systems.

Operating and testing of aircrew signaling devices.

Knowledge of use, care and storage of life support equipment.

Experience in training aircrew with proper deployment and care of aircrew life support equipment.

Experience in inspection and fitting of life support equipment.

Task and Responsibility

Ensures availability of required space, supplies and tools for efficient operations.

Prepares, supervises and conducts life support and survival continuation training program.

Establishes and maintains systems of accountability for equipment.

Coordinate activities with other units such as maintenance and supply

Established performance standards for functional such as anti-exposure and anti-G suits, accomplishing preventive maintenance of life rafts and life preservers and inspection emergency radio communication devices.

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