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Nationality Requirement: US

No: Eighteen (18)

System: F15SA

Qualification: Munitions Load course graduate

USAF/RSAF Equivalent Air Force Specialty Code: 261X0

Skills and Experience

Experience: 7+ years

Skills Level Experience: 5+ years

Supervises receipt, identification, inspection, storage, reconditioning, issuing, delivery, maintenance, and assembly of aerospace munitions.

Disposal of non-hazardous ammunition where authorized.

Handling and transportation of weapons in compliance with existing safety directives and operating procedures.

Task and Responsibility

Plans workloads and schedules work assignments of aerospace munitions activities.

Improves work methods and establishes procedures to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Provides for and controls of space, equipment and materials.

Establishes work standards and priorities.

Performs maintenance and reconditioning of aerospace munitions and handling equipment

Determines individual and group needs for training.

Establishes training programs.

Maintains follow-up to ensure adequacy and effectiveness of training.

Conducts group training in safety procedures techniques.


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