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SR- 71 Munitions Maintenance Supervisor

Location: KAAB

Nationality Requirement: US

No: One (1)

Qualification: High school+/USAF NCO graduate/USAF Munitions Maintenance/7 level

Skills and Experience

Experience: 10 years

Skill Level experience: 5 years

  1. Able to demonstrate expertise on all munitions and guided weapons in the RSAF inventory.
  2. Experienced at planning and scheduling required munitions maintenance activities.
  3. Able to Introduce new weapons systems and maintenance practices.
  4. Certified explosive safety expert.
  5. Knowledgeable in explosive licensing.
  6. Working knowledge of the supply system
  7. Working knowledge of the technical order (TO) system

Task and Responsibility

  1. Supervises assembly, maintenance storage, reconditioning and handling of munitions, explosive devices and solid propellant rockets and motors routine disposal of unserviceable munitions assembly of mechanical components of certain guided weapons, handling and delivery of munitions and guided weapons.
  2. Plans workloads and schedules work assignments and munition inspections.
  3. Establishes and evaluates performance standards, maintenance control and work procedures.
  4. Provides for and controls use of equipment, space, and supplies.
  5. Analyzes reports, operation check charts and maintenance records of munitions storage, maintenance, delivery, accountability, and control to determine the need for Improving work methods and repair techniques.
  6. Develops and implements organizational and functional charts to establish lines of authority and specific responsibilities.
  7. Coordinates with munitions maintenance and technical escort functions for chemical and munitions.
  8. Train RSAF to the 5 and 7 level skills.


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