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Corporate Personnel Recruitment

Find professionals to raise your standards

Our global presence combined with extensive experience of foreign recruitment has allowed us to develop networks in industries identifying the best candidates from different fields. Our professional network of candidates is recruited in more than 21 different industries including the following:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Contracts and Operations
  • Customer Service Training
  • Human Resources
  • Technology and Security
  • Marketing, Sales and Marketing

  • Logistics
  • Operations and Security
  • Maintenance and Quality Control
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain
  • Training

Engineering Staffing Services

Discover engineers to empower your business

We specialize in locating and placing qualified technical personnel with admirable skills. Our customers greatly appreciate the successful recruitment of high value engineering professionals in their companies. We have experience in working with the following professionals:

  • Designated Engineer
  • Engineering Manager/ Supervisor
  • Electrical Engineer/ Design
  • Mechanical Engineer/ Design
  • Avionics Design
  • Aeronautical Engineer

  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Program/ Project Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Stress Engineer
  • Technical Writer/ Illustrator

Flight Deck Crew Recruitment

We have great experience recruiting flight deck and cabin crew professionals in all segments of the aviation industry including scheduled or cargo airlines, corporate flight departments, charter services, private owners, fractional ownership and flight crew training. Our experts have been dealing with the following positions in this industry:

  • Captain & First Officer
  • Wide / Narrow Body – Airbus, Boeing
  • Regional Aircraft – ERJ, CRJ, ATR.
  • Corporate Jets, Challenger, Hawker, Lear, Falcon, Cessna
  • Turboprop,King Air, Pilatus,Cessna, de Havilland
  • Commercial and Military Aircraft and Helicopters
  • T-6, C-130, E-3, KC-135, F-15, F-16, FA-18, H-60

Airport Operations

Airport operations are essential for the aviation industry.  We have the most highly qualified professionals who have graduated from the top educational institutes. It is our aim to provide the most suitable candidates for the position that you require them for. Certified professional for airport operations are available for the following positions:

  • Station Manager
  • Safety & Security Manager
  • Ramp Supervisor
  • Airport Duty Officer
  • Cargo Service Agent
  • Airside / Landside Operations
  • FBO Operations

Aircraft Maintenance Support

Global Recruiting provides highly experienced maintenance technicians to the aviation industry worldwide. Our recruitment team effectively sources and mobilizes qualified maintenance technicians in the following disciplines:

  • Aircraft Type Specific Mechanics
  • Quality Inspectors / Supervisors
  • Platform Specific Engine Maintenance / Overhaul / Rebuild Specialists
  • Aircraft Structure / Sheetmetal / Composite Repair, Modification, and Fabrication
  • Avionics Modification / Installation / Maintenance Specialists
  • Aircraft Paint Technicians
  • Aircraft Interior Installers

Defense Support Services

Our staff has successfully sourced and placed prior military candidates possessing the full range of skill sets in aerospace companies worldwide.  Over 50% of our candidates began their career in the military and then transitioned to civilian employment. The programs supported through our services include the following:

  • UAE F-16 Program
  • Oman F-16 Program
  • F-15 Peace Sun Technical Support Program
  • AWACS Peace Sentinel Technical Support Program
  • RSAF F-15 Program Depot Maintenance (PDM) Program
  • RSAF B212 / 412 Helicopter Technical Support Program
  • RSLFAC UH-60 / AH-64 Mission Support Services Program
  • RSAF Tornado Program Depot Maintenance (PDM) Program
  • F100-PW-220 / 229 Engine Overhaul / Repair / Maintenance
  • RSAF F-15 Distributed Mission Training System (DMTS)

Covering the Globe

Global Recruitment Network USEA has signed recruitment agreements with staffing offices in other countries such as the United States of American, South Africa and some Asian countries to meet the urgent requirements of employers. Our global network enables us to support all job categories and industries.

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