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General Maintenance Technician for Cougar Helicopters


The candidate must possess certifications in the same specialty for vertical lift aircraft, specifically of the “Cougar” type. They should have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of mechanical engineering, hydraulics, electricity, fuel, and extensions that are specific to vertical lift aircraft. It is important that they are familiar with the aircraft’s internal components, their connections, and the calibration of parts as needed. The candidate should be a graduate of a military or an equivalent civil institute and must have achieved a minimum of twelfth-grade educational level. Additionally, they must have an English proficiency level of at least 85% in reading, writing, expression, and grammar.

Experiences and Courses

1. Must have at least 10 years of experience in the same specialty on vertical lift aircraft of the “Cougar” type.
2. Must have practiced the same specialty in the last three (3) years.
3. Ability to determine the type of maintenance required for a part of the aircraft.
4. Able to interpret the technical drawings related to the aircraft’s extensions.
5. Able to decide the type of maintenance required to repair the malfunctioning parts of the aircraft.
6. Has advanced courses in the field of specialization.

Tasks and Duties

1. Provide advice on technical problems and the repair and maintenance of vertical aircraft.
2. Solve maintenance and proper operation issues of essential components such as aircraft fan parts, landing aids, fan blades, and the transmission in terms of control and landing weight.
3. Determines the correct procedures necessary to repair damaged equipment.
4. Diagnose recurrent faults, take the correct measures before starting repairs, and prepare reports on the necessary missing materials.
5. Decide on the need to disassemble, repair, or replace aircraft parts to complete the job.
6. Repair inspection-specific faults.
7. Inspect the aircraft and determine the type of inspection it needs.
8. Provide reports on necessary missing materials.
9. Evaluates the performance of maintenance personnel assigned to the same specialty.
10. Manages and monitors training programs.
11. Trains personnel in the use of Air Force references and books.
12. Trains air force personnel at all training levels.

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