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Location: KAAB

Nationality Requirement: US

No: One (1)

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree preferred/USAF NCO or SNCO graduate

Skills and Experience

Experience: 10 years

Skill Level experience: 5 years

On Equipment or Weapon System or in required Specialty: Aircraft Modification Supervisor

  1. In-depth knowledge of aircraft modifications
  2. Ability to interpret engineering drawings, blueprints and RID’s
  3. In-depth knowledge of F-15 aircraft multiple systems
  4. In-depth knowledge of personnel and equipment management
  5. Proficient in coordinating with all base agencies in management major repairs and authorized modifications
  6. Previous experience at a Maintenance, Manufacturing or Repair Facility mandatory

Task and Responsibility

  1. Daily brief of Flight Superintendent and RSAF AES Commander on authorized level activities
  2. Coordinate with Engineers; insure adequate personnel and equipment on hand
  3. Attend TCTO meetings and Major Repair meetings
  4. Manage aircraft parts tracking and associated supply procedures
  5. Ensure aircraft flight records documentation is complied with
  6. Ensure aircraft impoundment procedures are followed
  7. Ensure safety procedures are followed
  8. Coordinate with other bases for modification and TDY requirements
  9. Coordinate through job control for Intermediate Maintenance assistance
  10. Train RSAF to the 5 and 7 level skills.

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