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SR- 41 Evaluation Specialist (ES)

Location: KAAB

Nationality Requirement: US

No: Two (2)

Qualification: Diploma (Bachelor’s degree preferred/7+ skill level or equivalent/Stan & Eval courses for fighter squadrons graduate.

USAF/RSAF Equivalent Air Force Specialty Code: 3D0X1

Skills and Experience

Experience: 10 years

Skill Level experience: 5 years

Experience in performing functions evaluation systems activities. Native English speaker

Ability to work with office PC applications. (MS and networking products)

  1. Minimum of 10 years’ experience time in-flight operations/evaluation
  2. Knowledge of counseling techniques
  3. Knowledge of principle and organization and personal management, purpose and use

of evolution program cycles, content Unit’s fight/ground evaluation publications,

Interface of flight records and management data between operations, training, aircrew.

  1. Knowledge of general evaluation rules and polices.
  2. Knowledge of other specialized applications

Task and Responsibility

  1. Knowledgeable with material used in the evaluation program.
  2. Ensures the availability of materials used in the specialty evaluation program.
  3. Monitors the events within the evaluation process and advises aircrews and tracks corrective actions with problem areas.
  4. Assists in the aircrew evaluation process to assess their effectiveness in meeting the established objectives. Provides a method of presentation and uses of available resources in recording and reporting.
  5. Schedule approved ground tests and aircrew check rides and coordinates with other testing currency requirements.
  6. Advises Commanders of evaluation program and cycle events results and then recommends corrective actions.
  7. Coordinate and integrate with available training and operation resources.
  8. Maintain liaison with operations and training work centers, using activities of aircrew evaluation procedural changes to achieve timely and accurate implementation.


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