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SR- 79 Quality Assurance Supervisor

Location: RSAF HQ – Riyadh – Directorate of Armament & Munitions

Nationality Requirement: US

No: One (1)

Qualification: Seven Level or above

USAF/RSAF Equivalent Air Force Specialty Code: Munitions Specialty

Skills and Experience

Experience: 10+ years

Skill Level experience: 5+ years

  1. No less than 10 years’ experience in Explosive Ordinance disposal
  2. Munitions Courses obligatory
  3. Basic Computer skills
  4. Medically Fit
  5. Age in accordance with employment law, physical attributes required to perform in the position and appropriate medical clearances.

Task and Responsibility

  1. Ability to train RSAF personnel
  2. Interpret written correspondence and make recommendations
  3. Coordinate with USAF on RSAF EOD requirements
  4. Interpret governmental contracts
  5. Research information from Technical Orders and publications
  6. Must possess excellent oral and written skills
  7. Provides advice and consultation to Armament & Munitions Director


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