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SR- 91 Training Coordinator

Location: KAAB – Dhahran

Nationality Requirement: US/Western

No: Three (3)

Skills and Experience

Experience: 10+ years

Skills Level Experience: 5+ years

Qualification: Required Bachelor’s degree

Specialty: Training Specialist

Experiences and Courses:

  1. Total of 10 years’ experience required.
  2. Seven years’ experience at the 7 or 9 skill level.
  3. Awareness of RSAF manuals and have experience in Aircraft.
  4. Experience in computer, high level in English.
  5. Good experience in training and OJT.

Task and Responsibility

  1. Deal with training instruction.
  2. Review Training forms and developing it when need.
  3. Have computer skills (Windows & MS office)
  4. Ability to input daily job in computer including, scheduling and training achievements for aircrew.
  5. Scheduling Aircrew for Training mission and simulator familiarity.
  6. Preparing end of courses reports.
  7. Preparing monthly reports for each aircrew member.
  8. Make semiannual reports for each aircrew member.
  9. Coordinate between 13th Flying wing, 13th Squadron, 92 Squadron about training.
  10. Able to multi-task.


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