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Equipment Management Supervisor

Job Summary
The position is in charge of supervising the operation and maintenance of all equipment,
ensuring that it is running efficiently and safely. The position will entail directing a team of
equipment technicians and provide guidance and support to achieve peak performance.

Duties & Responsibilities
1. Create and implement preventative maintenance routines for every equipment to reduce downtime and increase efficiency.
2. Conduct regular inspections of warehouse equipment to identify any issues or potential problems and coordinate repairs or replacements as needed.
3. Oversee the operation and maintenance of all warehouse equipment, Including forklifts, pallet jacks, conveyors and automated systems.
4. Ensure compliance with safety regulations and protocols, conducting regular safety training sessions for equipment operators.
5. Collaborate with all the departments to improve equipment use and workflow procedures.
6. Keep accurate records of equipment maintenance, repairs and inspections, and prepare reports as needed.
7. Monitor equipment performance to identify areas for improvement, and apply new procedures or technologies as needed.
8. Stay current on the latest advances in warehouse equipment technology and industry best practices, and make recommendations for equipment upgrades or replacements.
9. Performs all other duties

Job Requirements

➢ Qualifications / Licenses – . Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in Business any other related field.

➢ Work Experience – At least 2-3 years of proven work experience in equipment management preferably as lead or supervisory role.

➢ Competencies (Skills, Knowledge & Abilities) – Strong understanding of warehouse equipment, such as forklifts, pallet jacks,
conveyors, and automated systems. – Excellent leadership qualities, including the capacity to encourage and inspire a team. – Attention to detail and a dedication to upholding high quality standards. – Strong organizational and time management abilities are required, as well as the ability to prioritize activities and manage many projects at the same time.

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