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Receiving and Inspection Superviso

Job Summary

The Receiving & Inspection Supervisor is in charge of managing the receipt and storage of items in the warehouse or distribution center. This entails supervising a team of employees
to ensure that materials are received in a timely and accurate manner, kept properly, and stock levels are maintained. The Receiving Supervisor will also be in charge of maintaining
and enhancing operations, organizing the receiving area, and enforcing safety measures. As well as responsible to make sure that the items received meet what’s in the purchase order (PO).

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Received and performs quality checks on incoming shipments.
2. Oversee the unloading of goods and materials from incoming shipments, ensuring they are handled efficiently and safely.
3. Check the details, documentations, part numbers of the shipment
4. Count all the quantities (match with the PO)
5. Make visual inspections. No damage, no discrepancies.
6. Coordinate with the QC to make sure to receive the right items accurately.
7. Received and log in the quantity in the INFOR system.
8. Coordinates any item discrepancies with the suppliers and make the necessary corrective actions.
9. Schedule and assign tasks to receiving personnel, monitoring performance to ensure compliance with operational procedures.
10. Overlooks the correctness of all item deliveries.
11. Coordinate with the transportation provider to deliver the items.
12. Prepare and maintain detailed records and reports of all receiving activities, including inventory levels, discrepancies, and damages, for audit purposes and decision-making.
13. Inspect and document any damaged items
14. Performs all other duties assigned by the Sr. Manager Logistics.

Job Requirements

➢ Qualifications / Licenses – Bachelor’s degree in business administration, supply chain management, or a related field. – Current and previous forklift certification is preferrable.

➢ Work Experience – 3 to 5 years of proven experience/background in logistics, warehouse management and leadership roles in warehouse setting. This includes hands-on training in receiving goods, quality control, and inventory software.

➢ Competencies (Skills, Knowledge & Abilities) – Proficiency in MS Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) and procurement software – Proven skills in inventory management, tracking and sorting incoming shipments, keeping precise inventory levels, and the capacity to estimate demand are critical. – Quality Control capable of Inspecting all incoming shipments to ensure that they fit Alsalam’s specified quality and specs – Logistics Coordination able to the flow of goods from suppliers to the warehouse to optimize inventory levels and use storage space effectively – Supply Chain Optimization: Analyzing and simplifying receiving operations to guarantee products are moved swiftly, precisely, and cost-effectively from the dock to storage or production areas.

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