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Storage Expediter

Job Summary
Responsible for determining all of the different methods for transporting goods. A few of the
main duties of an expeditor are tracking an order, handling delivery delays, coordinating with
the warehouse supervisor, and ensuring all orders have been shipped out.

Duties & Responsibilities
1. Compiles and maintains material and component inventory and status information to
speed up material and part flow between production areas, in line with preset
production schedules and order priority. Reads production schedules, inventory data,
and work orders to assess required material type and amount, stock availability, and
order priority.
2. Locates and distributes materials to specified production areas, manually or using
handcart, hand truck, or forklift.
3. Records and maintains perpetual inventory of quantity and type of materials and
parts received, stocked, and distributed, manually or by the system.
4. Monitors the receipt of all materials; Resolves any discrepancies. Monitors the flow of
paperwork for timely data entry.
5. Compiles and maintains records, such as material inventory records and production
6. May direct material handlers to expedite transfer of materials from stock area to
production areas.
7. May examine material received, verify part numbers, and check discrepancies, such
as damaged or unmarked parts.
8. Work with the warehouse manager to ensure all shipments are delivered.
9. Performs any other responsibilities assigned by the Warehouse Supervisor.

Job Requirements
➢ Qualifications / Licenses – . Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in Business any other related field.

➢ Work Experience – At least 2-3 years of proven work experience in shipping and warehousing is required.

➢ Competencies (Skills, Knowledge & Abilities) – Excellent attention to detail – Works well independently and has strong problem-solving, time management, and organization skills. Demonstrates advanced written and verbal communication skills.

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