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SR- 30 Avionics Warfare Specialist

Location: KKAB

Nationality Requirement: US

No: 2

Qualification: See Skills and Experience

USAF/RSAF Equivalent Air Force Specialty Code: 19670

Skills and Experience

Experience: 5+ years

Skills Level Experience: 1+ year

  1. Requires a minimum of five (5) year experience in RSAF AFSC 196X0 or equivalent of which one (1) year must be at the seven (7) level as an F15 Integrated Electronic Warfare Equipment Systems Technician is mandatory.
  2. In addition, experience in performing or supervising functions such as the repair, overhaul or modification of integrated avionics equipment and the use and analysis of intermediate level test equipment is mandatory.

Task and Responsibility

  1. Inspects, troubleshoots, repairs, modifies, programs, calibrates and certifies internal Electronic Warfare {EW) components and external Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) pods at the intermediate level by using common and specialized Precision Measuring Equipment and associated avionic (EW) test stations/consoles and Support Equipment (SE).
  2. Inspects, troubleshoots, repairs, set vices, modifies, installs, calibrates and certifies avionic SE and supervises Intermediate Level maintenance activities of internal EW components, external ECM pods and associated avionics test stations.
  3. Analyze performance and isolates malfunctions of avionic equipment.
  4. Inspects, disassembles, repairs, reassembles, aligns, programs, calibrates, modifies and conducts check outs of avionic EW equipment to determine the scope of repair required.
  5. Analyze and isolates avionic EW test stations/consoles and SE malfunctions.
  6. Calibrates, modifies, repairs, overhauls and certifies avionic EW test stations/consoles and SE associated with EW systems.
  7. Inspects and evaluates components of avionic EW test stations/consoles and SE.
  8. Perform On-the-Job-Training (OJT) for assigned trainees.
  9. Documents all maintenance actions as prescribed by established procedures.
  10. Orders and receives parts

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