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GRN – Save your time on screening and start staffing with us!!

Are you having trouble in hiring and staffing or you are among the ones looking for a job?

Regardless of who you are and the position you hold right now, GRN is the platform for all the brilliant candidates and the world’s top companies to get what they are seeking.

GRN is one of the well-known professional recruiting Networks, ensuring the jobs for talented candidates and helping companies with staffing procedures – in short, playing their role in building the best teams for any organization.

How GRN is serving the industries?

We understand that staffing is a wholesome process. GRN aims to take away the burden of screening and hunting for the right candidates, we serve through the bets of our qualities to ensure the right staffing at your organization.

They share their experience of 37 years of hiring and staffing in the USA/Middle East and Europe. People working at GRN understands the rules and follow through the regulations of the company and country. GRN promises you to bring cost-effective solutions as you can skip the resources for HR and hire a company to provide you, candidates, whenever you need it.

You have any openings, you can always count on the GRN to fill it with the perfect candidate. Aviation, IT industry, aerospace, and many other industries look forward to the GRN for hiring their ideal candidates.  Some of the major services that you can count on with the GRN are:

  • Corporate Personnel Recruitment
  • Engineering Staffing Services
  • Flight Deck Crew Recruitment
  • Airport Operations
  • Aircraft Maintenance Support
  • Defense Support Services
  • Health
  • Mining Industries
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction or any job order employer requests…

How GRN is great for job hunters?

GRN is valued for the loyalty, reliability and integrity they offer to the employees and job hunters. If there is any global network that can help you with a job that you have been seeking from ages, it is GRN. Employers can focus on their other priority operations while GRN manages the hiring of the best candidates for them from various countries.

We outstand because of the value and benefits offered to the employees. So, quit any second thoughts and go through the advantages that GRN is providing to both the employers and job hunters:

  • The get more exposure to the industry trends and latest openings.
  • Once you post your resume, you are in there for life and any company can check out your profile anytime.
  • Opportunities and new openings help you analyze your abilities closely and assess your skills according to the market.
  • We can help you land the opportunities of your interest and skills.
  • No more exhausting pitches to the employers.
  • All information provided on the platform is upfront. And to ease the process, even more, we keep applicants in touch with the employers.
  • GRN is also helping you with tips to create an appealing resume, ways to ace the interview, and the way to look for the right job roles.

So, the fulfilling careers are waiting for you when you staring seeking the perfect job role with GRN. The hiring process is convenient by all means. The GRN stands on both sides of hire and provides you feedback accordingly. So, it is a great deal for the recruiters or job hunters as the ease of landing to a good match is no less than a great opportunity in life.

Now, make your job seeking process easy by posting a resume. So, if you are a company with a new vacancy, let us connect you to the amazing candidates out there.

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Recent Jobs

Number of total jobs to recruit = 8 S/N Slot # English Job Title 1 W-001 Simulator Aviation Equipment Maintenance Technician 2 W-007 General Maintenance Technician 3 W-008 General Maintenance
JOB PURPOSE Performing all Aircraft Maintenance works, including repairs, cleaning, adjustment, assembly, component removal / installation, functional testing, operational checks, refueling and de-fueling, recovery and troubleshooting on Aircraft and increases
Job Information Location Job Location: King Abdullah Air Base / Logistic Wing / Maintenance Squadron of C-130 aircraft No. of Vacancy 1 Nationality Third World Countries (TCN) Qualifications Required Qualification
Job Information Job Location: King Abdullah Air Base / Logistic Wing / Transportation Squadron Third World Countries (TCN) Qualifications Seventh Technical Level or equivalent, Car Maintenance (Specialty code: 271ss) Experiences
Job Information Job Location: King Abdullah Air Base / Logistic Wing / Maintenance Squadron of C-130 aircraft 1 Third World Countries (TCN) Qualifications Seventh Technical Level or equivalent Experiences and

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